Your Physician

Louise Ye-Liew, D.O., L.Ac aka Dr. Ye

Dr Ye is Board Certified in Family Medicine with specialty in geriatric medicine and licensed acupuncturist. Dr Ye's path to become a practicing physician and master's of oriental medicine have all originated from experiences throughout her life. Her passion is to provide her patients the best care possible and to provide the best continuity of care.

Many patients that have the pleasure of being under the care of Dr Ye understand that she provides compassion, time, thorough understanding and gets to know the patient and not just the ailment or illness. Knowing the person will best provide the diagnosis to the health issue. 

Dr Ye was born in Shanghai, China and raised in McLean, Virginia. She attended George Washington University in Washington, DC. Dr Ye studied Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Sough Baylo University and apprenticed in China for a Master of acupuncture. She is a  graduate of Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA and did her residency in Family Medicine at USC Hospital as her fellowship in Geriatrics.